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Mirpur Pet Animal Clinic’s qualified vets provide you with an outstanding pet care service with the necessary care.

Compassionate Vets

We have qualified and professional vets who provide outstanding vet care to your pets. Not only they are well-experienced vets, but also they're additionally conscious of the rife risk and issues for Dogs, Cats, and alternative animals, specifically within Dhaka

Quality Services

Our Professional vets provide an excellent service and take care of your pets. Above all, You will spend quality time in our veterinary hospital. As a result, you and your pet will feel comfortable here.

Pet Pharmacy & food & Veterinary Diets

We have well supplied pet foods, veterinary medicine and accessories. We offer an wide range of best quality maintenance and veterinary diets for your dear's health.



Your pets can’t tell you if they are sick. If your pet is sick it may not respond as usual. Giving proper treatment may help it to come round. And here we are, giving treatment, surgery, Shower, and Grooming. We are giving Pet Health Certificate and offering a Home consultancy service. For any kind of query, Please contact us.



Just like your doctor would require testing for a better diagnosis, an equivalent is true for your pet. Until animals can talk to us, and say what’s imbalance they feel, signs and symptoms will help us recognize where lab test gives us the complete picture. So, we offer kinds of lab tests like

Pharmacy Mirpur Pet Animal Clinic



We offer all kinds of pharmaceutical services and sell all kinds of pharma food and pet accessories. All kinds of pet food and accessories will be sold or delivered if in stock. We especially offer vaccination and microchipping. We will keep your pet away from bordetella, heartworm, and many more.


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